Oct 11 2014

Video AA

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Video AA…
-——————–Video AA Video AA

Well tonight was a first for me,

I went to a video AA meeting,

People all over the world you see,

And they gave me a warm greeting


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Oct 10 2014

Darkness Unfold

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Darkness unfold…

-—————————–-Darkness unfold Darkness unfold 

Into the darkness when I think of you,

My heart begins to bleed,

My memory is shot through with pages,

And with agony each one I read,

How could I have walked all those years,

Without the truth being told,

Gallons of bitter salty tears,

As all the years unfold,

In the beginning we stood together,

In the frame of man and wife,

At the end you made the decision,

To finally take your life,

Right off the bat I could see,

I needed to end what I had done,

A letter to me said I am with child,

You’re going to have a son,

So on that day I made a commitment,

To stay and see it through,

My God money whispered in my ear,

And said its the only thing to do,

Each year another candle,

On the birthday cake,

But each year the sickness grew,

Almost more than I could take,

Then came the day my son would leave,

And start his personal life,

I was so codependently sick,

I couldn’t leave my wife,

The darkness was a black depression,

With its withered boney fingers,

The lies came in succession, 

And the hopelessness would linger,

Pill after pill and electro shock,

To try and ease the pain,

But the lies hid in a casket,

And I tried to bury the shame,

With each new day I was still alive,

And the hopelessness would ooze,

I tried to drowned in a dirty bathtub,

Filled with day old booze,

I tried and tried to take my life,

But the end it would not come,

I wanted terribly to tell you the truth,

To reveal what I had done,

Each time I would come before you,

My song to finally be sung,

But there was a fiery demon deep inside,

With his talons wrapped around my tongue,

Then came the day you had all you could take,

You could no longer bend,

You walked up and handed me a note,

And said this is the end,

Today I walk completely free,

The truth has been let unfold,

And in your grave you peacefully sleep,

And the story has now been told


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Oct 09 2014

Love Life

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Love life…

-————————-Love life Love life 

So many things I love

Greatly I love my wife,

But the one that surprises me the most of all,

Is how much I love my life


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Oct 08 2014

Deserve Tonight

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Deserve tonight…

-—————————--Deserve tonight Deserve tonight 

I’m thankful I never receive what I deserve,

If so I’d be found dead later tonight,

Grace and mercy is what God has always given me,

He lifts me up into plain sight



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Oct 07 2014

Brother Confusion

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Brother confusion…

-———————————-Brother confusion Brother confusion 

Who is my brother,

This starts the confusion,

The thought that there is some other,

Is the egos delusion


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Oct 06 2014

Dissect Anesthetize

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Dissect anesthetize…

-——————————--Dissect anesthetize Dissect anesthetize 

Sometimes the truth I feel I must dissect,

The parts that hurt I need to  anesthetize,

But then you are the actor and I must direct,

And generally there is no compromise


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Oct 05 2014

Different Trust

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Different trust…

-—————————--Different trust Different trust 

Try something different,

To metal from rust,

So goes the passage of time,

From caution to trust


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Oct 04 2014

Belittle Fluctuate

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Belittle fluctuate…

-—————————-Belittle fluctuate Belittle fluctuate

Not to belittle anyone’s faith,

But my beliefs continue to fluctuate,

Each day a little clearer,

More than I could anticipate


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Oct 03 2014

Confusion Decision

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Confusion decision…

-——————————-Confusion decision Confusion decision

Not to create a bunch of confusion,

But just to state my point of view,

Whether you believe me or not is your decision,

it’s really just up to you


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Oct 02 2014

Thunderstorm Tonight

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Thunderstorm tonight…

-————————————Thunderstorm tonight Thunderstorm tonight

On the porch watching a thunder storm,

Rolling in tonight,

The brilliant flash against the cold dark sky,

Truly an amazing sight


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