Oct 30 2014

Laughter And Tears

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Laughter and tears…

-—————————--Laughter and tears Laughter and tears 

I’ve been writing poems,

For many many years,

Some inspire laughter,

Something bring out tears,

I’ll never know to where they’re going,

Or from whence they came,

I guess there’s truth in knowing,

They’re all really the same,

Little bits of words,

That usually rhyme,

I try to Smith them about,

And make them fit time,

They’re almost always preceded,

By a short little prayer,

Help me with the words God,

If you’re really there,

And the next thing I know,

I’m writing my rhyme,

Little bits of words,

That fit into time


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Oct 29 2014

Someone in Need

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Someone in need…

-————————–-Someone in need Someone in need 

Every once in awhile,

You meet someone in need,

Then something suggests that their style,

Could be somewhat of greed,

God help me not be impatient,

In judgment of others,

Help me remember they just like me,

With fathers and mothers,

With the love and affection ,

I’d give a dying and sick man,

Let me offer them protection,

And reach out my hand


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Oct 28 2014

October November December

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October November December…

-——————————————–-October November December October November December 

October November December,

My favorite time of year,

This season I always remember,

Fun thankfulness and cheer,

Plus I like the colors,

The trees are at their best,

Reds and yellows and oranges,

To me it’s better than the rest,

And most of all I love the foods,

Rich and stout and yummy,

They go completely with all my moods,

And boldly swell my tummy


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Oct 27 2014

It’s Late And I’m Tired

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It’s late and I’m tired…

-———————————-Its late and Im tired Its late and Im tired 

It’s late and I’m tired,

My brain has mentally fired,

Truthfully I’m ready for bed,

But don’t look so sad,

Its really not that bad,

I’m already there in my head,

So win or lose,

I still must choose,

Whether this poem to write,

So if I don’t do it now,

I’ll see the moon and the cow,

And my mind will race all night


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Oct 26 2014

Four Ducks

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Four ducks…
-————————Four ducks Four ducks

There are many of you ,

Who may remember,

I got 4 ducks,

Late in September,

Ducklings actually,

That was my choice,

But they only Peeped,

They hadn’t found their voice,

Then yesterday came,

With me at the food sack,

And one got excited, 

And let out a quack,

With the food bowl I led them,

They followed and ran,

To their very own duck pond,

And they jumped in and swam,

So they swam and they quacked,

Without a single fight,

Now it’s time to close up the coop,

For a safe ducky good night


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Oct 25 2014


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-—————Unity Unity

What does unity,

Mean to you,

In sobriety,

it’s tried and true,

To stand hand in hand,

Amongst the common peril,

Like a line of defense,

When the Hogs have gone feral,

Not with promotion,

But through attraction,

Is the only way,

We get satisfaction,

But outside the rooms,

This still stands true,

it’s not up to them,

Its up to you,

When Texas or America ,

Doesn’t state your worth ,

When we all stand side by side ,

And say I am from Earth


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Oct 24 2014

Cat Food

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Cat food…

-————–Cat food Cat food

Is there any such thing,

As extra cat food in the bowl,

Not when you have a roaming hound dog,

With hunger in her soul,

She likes to come inside,

Whenever I take a nap,

And as soon as I fall asleep,

She checks on the progress of the cat,

The cat’s bowl might have a bunch,

Or maybe only a bite,

But none of it is considered extra,

That just wouldn’t be right,

So she cleans it up thoroughly,

A bite or a bunch,

And considers it surely,

As a second lunch


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Oct 23 2014

I Like to Measure

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I like to measure…

-—————————I like to measure I like to measure

It seems to me,

That I like to measure,

But of all this could be,

Its not a treasure,

Its like the separation,

Between church and state,

The malformation,

Of love and hate,

The model and make,

Of your car,

How many miles on mine,

Has it been driven too far,

The numerical increments,

When I step on the scale,

Oh my god did you see that,

Candies on sale,

I don’t know how to escape,

This inexplicable race,

To see the man in the mirror,

More than the face ,

So I’ve got to step over,

Where the fewest do trod,

To win I surrender,

To that which is God


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Oct 22 2014


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-———————-Spaghetti Spaghetti 

Whole wheat spaghetti,

Doesn’t sound very good ,

Its color is dark brown,

Like it’s made out of wood,

Oh but I made a sauce,

I started with Ragu,

Then added mushrooms and garlic,

Jalapenos and pork too,

The pasta was al dente,

that’s the way I like it,

And of course there was plenty,

I just couldn’t fight it,

But then I came to the last bite,

And they ego said go,

But I surrendered to something outside,

And was able to say no, 

So with a flick of my fork, 

Off into the waste can,

I said no to my programming,

And the obesity of man


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Oct 20 2014


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-———————–-Religion Religion 

I cried the first time in church,

I saw my daughter raise her hands,

I knew she found religion,

She found the God of man,

No longer in bugs and birds ,

Nor the bees or breeze,

They taught her that she was separate,

And must worship on her knees,

This was the same lesson,

I had been taught as a child,

But against it I had rebelled,

And followed the call of the wild,

Only when I was broken,

Would you ever hear me say,

God I need your help,

Rescue me this day,

And this would be the beginning,

The beginning of the end,

No longer what I fear him,

Because now he is my friend


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