Oct 19 2014


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-———————–-Alcoholism Alcoholism 

I believe I was an alcoholic,

From the first time I drank,

I couldn’t get enough of that mystery tonic,

Inside my empty tank,

I have heard others,

Give many reasons,

They drank once with impunity,

But now  have changed their seasons,

At first they were a cucumber,

But now they’ve turned a pickle,

Many a nights drunken slumber,

Have made of them quite fickle,

A man said he caught alcoholism,

Off of dirty bar stool,

This is either quite a schism,

Or he was a old fool,

But today I have recovered,

From a seemingly hopeless state of body and mind,

And in the middle of all of that I discovered,

A God that is much too kind


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Oct 18 2014

A Brand New Life

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A brand new life…


A brand new life,

Has been given to me,

A brand new life,

I have been set free,

No longer the prisoner,

Of selfish self centeredness,

Now I am a envisioner,

Of personal awareness,

The truth has been spoken,

To folks of my kind,

A gentle yet vivid truth,

To reorganize the mind,

A one where giving,

Is better than to receive,

Is more than just a saying,

it’s something to believe,

it’s all right already,

That is always true,

That breeze is as fresh,

As the sky is blue,

So thank you this day,

For all that you done ,

The battle to be fought,

My God has already won


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Oct 17 2014

Determination of Health

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Determination of health…

-—————————————–-Determination of health Determination of health 

Is there a determination wealth,

That is based on a determination of health,

The decision remains to be seen,

Can a paraplegic not soar,

Because he is poor,

That sounds absolutely mean ,

True wealth of course, comes from a different source,

One that can only be felt,

Some try to say,

That there’s only one way,

When in front of God you have knelt,

But the bugs and the bees,

The birds and the trees,

And the gentle caress of the wind,

Lets me know for sure,

there’s nothing so pure,

As having God as a friend


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Oct 16 2014

So What Do I Write

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So what do I write…

-—————————-So what do I write So what do I write

So what do I write,

In the subject line,

that’s the box where I am supposed to name,

My poem and rhyme,

today’s composition, 

Of a subject of my choice,

I put words together,

Can you hear my voice,

What will be the rhythm,

And cadence or banter,

Will it flow smoothly,

Or be like a chanter,

So I let the nouns flow,

And verbs where they may,

Honestly the truth of the matter,

Is I haven’t much to say


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Oct 15 2014

This Morning I Had a Dilemma

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This morning I had a dilemma…

-———————————————–-This morning I had a dilemma This morning I had a dilemma 

This morning I had a dilemma,

Whether or not to buy, 

Yesterday’s’ poem dealt with varmints,

And wanting not to try,

But this morning came a discussion,

With friends where friends abide,

I got much needed consultation,

And a story about a box of tide,

So I decided not to decide,

And trust what is always there,

In step 3 I made the decision,

To turn my life over to the care,

The next thing I knew ,

Somebody handed me 20 bucks,

Yes just out of the blue,

He said I’d like to sponsor your ducks,

So then I knew for certain,

Without me a decision had been made,

So I drove to the lady with the Ducks,

For the price had already been paid


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Oct 14 2014

The Things I Try to Control

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The things I try to control…

-——————————————-chickens The things I try to control 

There are a number of things,

Things I try to control,

When and where I’ll get angry,

And the destination of my soul,

One thing that is for certain,

No matter who may preach,

Though control is my preoccupation,

it’s definitely out of my reach,

Something as simple as my chickens,

And trying to protect them from the stray critter,

A hen sitting on a clutch of eggs,

I was hoping for a litter,

There must have been a creature of the night,

Looking for some dinner,

Both control and protect as I might ,

That creature was the winner,

So tonight as I write this poem,

Resting in front of my fan,

I know there is a due process,

But it’s not the plan of man


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Oct 13 2014

Agree to Disagree

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Agree to disagree…

-——————————--Agree to disagree Agree to disagree 

Could we still find harmony,

If we were to agree to disagree,

Would a  difference of opinion be so terrible,

If that is what ended up between you and me,

I don’t have to prove you wrong,

Or need to prove me right,

Because our views are so strong ,

Where all we do is fight,

I’m willing to bet there’s a different way,

Where neither of us is wrong,

So crank up the band and warm up your voice,

it’s time to sing a different song


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Oct 12 2014

Constant Relief

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Constant relief…

-—————————–-Constant relief Constant relief 

Change is constant,

With no relief in sight,

Be grateful for the variety,

Don’t put up a fight


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Oct 11 2014

Video AA

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Video AA…
-——————–Video AA Video AA

Well tonight was a first for me,

I went to a video AA meeting,

People all over the world you see,

And they gave me a warm greeting


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Oct 10 2014

Darkness Unfold

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Darkness unfold…

-—————————–-Darkness unfold Darkness unfold 

Into the darkness when I think of you,

My heart begins to bleed,

My memory is shot through with pages,

And with agony each one I read,

How could I have walked all those years,

Without the truth being told,

Gallons of bitter salty tears,

As all the years unfold,

In the beginning we stood together,

In the frame of man and wife,

At the end you made the decision,

To finally take your life,

Right off the bat I could see,

I needed to end what I had done,

A letter to me said I am with child,

You’re going to have a son,

So on that day I made a commitment,

To stay and see it through,

My God money whispered in my ear,

And said its the only thing to do,

Each year another candle,

On the birthday cake,

But each year the sickness grew,

Almost more than I could take,

Then came the day my son would leave,

And start his personal life,

I was so codependently sick,

I couldn’t leave my wife,

The darkness was a black depression,

With its withered boney fingers,

The lies came in succession, 

And the hopelessness would linger,

Pill after pill and electro shock,

To try and ease the pain,

But the lies hid in a casket,

And I tried to bury the shame,

With each new day I was still alive,

And the hopelessness would ooze,

I tried to drowned in a dirty bathtub,

Filled with day old booze,

I tried and tried to take my life,

But the end it would not come,

I wanted terribly to tell you the truth,

To reveal what I had done,

Each time I would come before you,

My song to finally be sung,

But there was a fiery demon deep inside,

With his talons wrapped around my tongue,

Then came the day you had all you could take,

You could no longer bend,

You walked up and handed me a note,

And said this is the end,

Today I walk completely free,

The truth has been let unfold,

And in your grave you peacefully sleep,

And the story has now been told


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