Nov 09 2014

I’m Tired

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I’m tired…

-———————-Im tired Im tired

I’m tired,

Thinking of setting it aside,

My desire to write the daily poem,

Seems to have died,

I will continue to write,

As I feel led,

But after 5 years,

I’m starting to dread,

So this may be the last,

I write for a while,

Or maybe tomorrow,

I’ll return with a smile


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Nov 08 2014


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-———————-Alcoholism Alcoholism 

The disease of alcoholism,

Is very strange,

The I self, me, ism,

Has to rearrange,

In the first step,

I have to admit,

This will never work,

I cannot quit,

that’s the key,

To an unlocked door,

Because I have an illness,

And it wants more,

Thank you God,

For the time in the space,

To see a broken man,

With drunk on his face,

Today I am grateful,

I don’t have to drink,

But if I take back the power,

I stepped back off to the brink


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Nov 07 2014

Torn Shoulder

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Torn shoulder…
 -————————--Torn shoulder Torn shoulder

It seems that I have torn my shoulder,

You know the upper end of my arm holder,

it’s supposed to be such a tight little pocket,

But it seems now it wants to pop out of socket,

The tendon they say that is the issue,

I have a tear in that tender tissue,

Now I’m waiting for the surgeon to see if he can fix it,

Or maybe a balm my wife she could mix it,

In God I will trust for he is my source,

It all will be fine there’s no need for force


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Nov 06 2014

Attacking a Duck

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Attacking a duck…

-—————————-Attacking a duck Attacking a duck

Earlier today,

I went to throw out some scraps,

When I saw a hawk on the ground,

Out by the traps,

OMG what is he doing,

he’s attacking a duck,

First I thought I need action,

Then oh no oh f*** ,

As I ran forth screaming,

And shaking my fist,

The hawk got the message,

He got my gist,

The duck was okay,

Yes she seems fine,

What can I say,

It wasn’t her time,

My last two poems,

Have been of grey days,

That put critters on the prowl,

And predators on prey


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Nov 05 2014

A Cloudy Day

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A cloudy day…

-———————--A cloudy day A cloudy day 

Today has been a cloudy day,

And the rain has been falling down,

The Sun did not break the cloudy grey,

But not a reason to have a frown,

Since the time change I just want to sleep,

I can’t seem to keep my eyes open,

Yawning eyes just seem to weep,

My head on my pillow is hoping, 

Goodnight to you one and all,

May the Sandman tuck you away,

Tomorrow is another day of fall,

And yes a rainy day


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Nov 04 2014

Rainy Day

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Rainy day…

-——————--Rainy day Rainy day 

Well it’s been a rainy day,

And the pond is completely filled,

In it the Ducks they love to play,

You might even say they’re thrilled,

The chickens seem to be happy,

Scratching on the ground,

Munching up little earthworms,

With a squishy sound,

I let the dog in this evening,

She was in a playful mood,

But as soon as I wasn’t looking,

She was munching on cat food,

And the cat doesn’t seem to mind,

Laying up in the chair,

He doesn’t care what the dog will find,

he’s already had his share,

Well the day has run its course,

And the Sun is finally setting,

Kitty dreams are now in force,

And the dog just wants some petting


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Nov 03 2014


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-—————--Friends Friends 

Friends are important,

Friends are divine,

You got your friends,

And I’ve got mine,

They’ll always be there,

When you need them the most,

I don’t know about yours,

But of mine I will boast,

There was this one time,

When the water had dripped,

And there was another,

When the carpet had ripped,

But the most important time,

Was not what would next break,

Its when I was saddened,

And my heart it did ache,

What I would wish for most,

Is not money piled to the sky,

But when I am lonely,

A friend to help me cry


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Nov 02 2014

Tired Tonight

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Tired tonight…
-————————-Tired tonight Tired tonight 

I am tired tonight,

Too tired to write,

Don’t want to give in,

Just ain’t got the fight


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Nov 01 2014

A New Song

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A new song…

-———————-A new song A new song 

Today I finished a new song,

Its called breakfast in bed,

It took 15 tracks,

To get out of my head,

Recorded in my new studio,

At Bohemia House Records,

I am pleased with the results,

The results of my efforts,

I am guided by the Spirit,

And yes God is at the board,

Hopefully people can hear it,

And will resonate in chord,

All that is left now,

Is the thank you I must say,

And if you see this mp3,

Be sure and hit play


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Oct 31 2014

Trick Or Treat

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Trick or treat…

-————————--Trick or treat Trick or treat 

Trick or treat,

Smell my feet,

Give me something good to eat,

that’s a very old Halloween rhyme,

If you give me candy,

That would sure be dandy,

Walking on the beach is sandy,

I really don’t see this catching on anytime


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